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About Us


"Dont Care is a brand less ordinary made up of against the grain apparel, novelties, and whatnots designed to create a sense of doing your own thing despite what others think. We encourage individuals to stay unique, common, rare, irreplaceable, one-off, and to possess nothing but positive vibes. “Cool” or not, do what you want to do – Thats what Dont Care is about...  Everyone is ripping... DONT CARE BE HAPPY…

Dont Care is a small grass roots clothing Brand that specializes in Novelties and Whatnots based out of Newport Beach California. Dont Care was founded in 2013 in Newport Beach by Joe Huebner. Prior to Dont Care, Joe was the store manager at Frog House Surf Shop and worked for several years at Volcom in Marketing. • Froghouse was the first store to carry t-shirts, followed by other influential retailers, such as Active, Jacks, and Sun Diego (25 doors total). In 2014 the t-shirt and hat lines expanded to hoodies, blankets, and ... . Major retailers Urban Outfitters and Zumiez started selling the brand online and in limited stores. BRAND STORY