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Radio Sunshine - UVG CAP - PRE ORDER

Radio Sunshine - UVG CAP - PRE ORDER

  • $42.00

Radio Sunshine UVG embroidered, six panel, unstructured 7"-7 3/4" caps are available for pre-order in Cannary Yellow. These are made to order and one size fits most. Delivery will take a little extra time and we appreciate your patience.

While on isolation island, conducting essential research, we caught the cosmic broadcast of Radio Sunshine.  Tunin'in we dropped-out to soundtracks that taste like galactic soup, a secret recipe we discovered was concocted by Summer Goodtime.  These broadcasts can be enjoyed in IRL and URL, and are good for the body, mind and soul.  In support of the broadcasts, which you can listen to here (@RadioSunshine), we've teamed up to produce a limited run of Radio Sunshine goods that you can pick up here (@Dont_Care), includes 3 T shirts and 1 cap, Radio Sunshine - The Bands TShirt on Heather Yellow and White (2 styles), Radio Sunshine - UVG TShirt on White (1 style), and Radio Sunshine - UVG cap on Cannary (1 style).  Caps run larger than standard at 7"-7 3/4". 

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